Getting cozy is hard work.

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What is a "cozy game"?

Cozy games, as the name suggests, are video games that make you feel relaxed and cozy, bringing a certain Zen to your moment while playing. 

While most people consider farming games or life simulators to be defining titles in the genre, a cozy game really is any game that can bring your heart rate down and make you feel warm inside.

What you or I consider to be “cozy” could be incredibly different to another person. So, here at Comfy Cozy Gaming, we open our minds to anything that could help you get comfy in a chair and get lost in the coze.

Ashley went into it in a lot more detail in her article: “What exactly is cozy gaming?”

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Managing Editor

Ashley Collins is the silliest of gooses and enjoys a wide variety of things. This includes but is not limited to: snails, mushrooms, beetles, and moths. In writing this bio, she is learning that she is less writer and more forest witch. That said, no one will be surprised that her two favorite games that she’s reviewed has been Smushi Come Home and Botany Manor. In another life, she would have run an apothecary to great success and to the death of… an amount that is really quite small. 

When she’s not playing a game or writing a review, she’s generally procrastinating in one way or another. Recently, she’s gotten it into her head that she might quite like to be a digital environmental artist and 3D modeler. What are bios for if not for the most random bits of information? She likes potatoes.

Managing Editor

Arthur Collins likes collecting titles. Some call him Dungeon Master, some call him Pokémon Professor. He’s been a journalist off and on for over a decade and a half, which means he’s almost Level 2 in journalism. You can find him yelling at his screen while playing Fortnite and Halo or curled up playing the multitude of licensed mobile gacha games. 

In recent years, he’s become fascinated with the concept of “cozy games” as more of a study, as it’s not a well-defined term. 

In addition to being a journalist focusing on games and tech, he’s also a fan of comic books, Star Wars, and Avatar the Last Airbender. He’s also a huge advocate for metal health awareness, being an Ambassador for Take This.